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Dinosaur Island Solo Variant Review

Name: Dinosaur Island Year of Release: 2017 Player Count: 1 – 4 Players Playing Time: 90 – 120 minutes Designer: Jonathan Gilmour, Brian Lewis Publisher: Pandasaurus Games Primary Mechanisms: Dice Rolling, Set Collection, Worker Placement Weight (According to boardgamegeek.com): 3.03 Overview For this review, I’ve decided to break out Pandasaurus Games’ dino-creating, attraction-building, and patron-eating […]

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Crypt Review

Name: Crypt Year of Release: 2018 Player Count: 1 – 4 Players Playing Time: 20 – 35 minutes Designer: Jeff Chin, Andrew Nerger Publisher: R2i Games Primary Mechanisms: Auction/Bidding, Dice Rolling, Set Collection  Weight (According to boardgamegeek.com): 1.51 Review originally written on 08/21/2020 and posted as part of the Solo Games on Your Table monthly […]

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Lewis & Clark – The Expedition  Review

Name: Lewis & Clark – The Expedition (First Edition) Year of Release: 2013 Player Count: 1 – 5 Players Playing Time: 120 minutes Designer: Cedrick Chaboussit Publisher: Asmodee Primary Mechanisms: Race, Hand Management, Worker Placement, Deck Building Weight (According to boardgamegeek.com): 3.34 Overview The year is 1804 and my name is John Ordway, one of […]